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Jed Fowler by Haze Captures

This page will be updated with 2024 teachers closer to the festival.

Below are all the amazing teachers we have lined up for you in 2023. We're excited to bring you this stellar lineup from Perth and interstate, and we value the talent and passion each brings to their skills and teaching.

ABBII MILLER  (Brisbane, Queensland)

    Fire Fans
    Twin Hoops
    Hula Hoop

Hailing from Brisbane, this dynamic artist burst onto the scene with her mesmerizing hoops performances. Since then, she has fearlessly expanded her repertoire, mastering fans, poi, dance, and even the gravity-defying art of stilt walking. As a co-founder of Kindled Spirits Entertainment, Abbii Allora has taken her sensational talents across Europe and Australia, captivating audiences with her fully seasoned, heart-stopping performances.

Prepare to be enthralled as Abbii Allora ignites the stage with her boss babe energy and electrifying presence.

Abbii Allora
Instagram:  @abbiiiii
Website:  Kindled Spirits

ALIK HARDEY  (Perth, Western Australia)


Specialising in poi with a side of double staff, Alik has been spinning for around 4 years and is eager to share some of his pattern wisdom with anyone and everyone that's keen to learn.

Instagram:  @alikspins

AVES ROBINS  (Perth, Western Australia)


I learnt to spin poi from a book so you don't have to! I've been a regular at the Tuesday night Hyde Park meet for the past 8 years and always love to show people the (two, short) ropes.

Instagram:  @aves.robins


    Contact Staff
    Stage Pole

Becca (Morgana) (they/she) has enjoyed learning flow arts for many years, dabbling in juggling, hooping, poi, contact juggling and cardistry. Their favoured props are contact staff and pole.

Instagram:  @morgana_pole

BEN JENKINS  (Adelaide, South Australia)

    Rope Dart

I have been learning and performing in the fire arts industry for 7, coming up on 8, years, trying to gain as much knowledge of multiple props and safety for personal and performance settings. I look forward to helping people learn as much as I can.

Instagram:  @Bennyj_flowthings

BRADEN HART  (Perth, Western Australia)


I started learning circus skills in 2014, I’ve picked up bits and pieces of various props and am still enjoying circus as a hobby.

BRETT SCHMERL  (Adelaide, South Australia)

    Contact Staff
    Double Contact Staff
    Partner Poi

Brettstar has been researching, teaching, performing and playing with various forms of spinning for nearly 20 years. With many international teaching/performing trips, he is most well known for contributions to the development of Contact Staff, Double Contact Staff and Dragonstaff. So kinda like Jed, but definitely not Jed.

Facebook:  BrettStar Galactica

CHANTELLE REED  (Adelaide, South Australia)


Studio owner and director of South Coast Circus in Adelaide. Chantelle is a lover of all things circus, but predominantly found with her feet off the ground and usually upside down.

Miss Lyra Semi Pro 1st Runner up 2021
Miss Lyra Semi Pro 2nd Runner up 2022
Bend the Air Open Apparatus Performance Solo 1st Runner up 2022
Bend The Air Elite 2nd Runner up Lyra Solo 2022
Bend The Air Open Apparatus 2022 Emerging Talent Award
Eternity Showcase, Victoria 2023 Performer
Bend The Air Performance Solo, Open Apparatus 2nd runner Up 2023
Bend The Air, Elite Lyra 18+ 1st Runner Up 2023
Bend the Air Masters 30+ 1st Place
Miss Lyra 2023, Semi Pro Lyra 2nd Runner Up
Miss Lyra 2023, Showtime 1st Runner Up

South Coast Circus
Instagram:  @Chantelle_circus_mummy
Instagram:  @south_coast_circus
Instagram:  @Circaxe_Adl
Facebook:  South Coast Circus
Website:  South Coast Circus

CHARLI NOONAN  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Russian Grip Fans
    Hula Hoop

Charli has been doing/learning flow arts and performing for 4 years now, starting with hoops and has now expanded her flow to Russian Grip Fans, dragonstaff and aerial arts.

Instagram:  @charlixiaflow

CLARE STACE  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Stilt Walking
    Cats-cradle String Figures

Clare Stace has been performing for 25 years. She is a stilt walker extraordinaire, costume designer, sculptor, storyteller, clown, and cats-cradle string figures expert.

Sensational Stiltwalking
Instagram:  @sensationalstiltwalking

DAMON KHOH  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Fire Eating

A fire eater of 6 years who loves all things sideshow.

Instagram:  @damonputsfireinhisface

DANIELA O'MARA  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Gymnastic Ribbon Technique

Lifetime of performing experience all around the world made Daniela a very unique flow artist with her own signature style. Utilising her rhythmic gymnastic skills, being an ex-professional dancer and fitness competitor, she is always searching new ways of self-expression with different props. Being a rhythmic gymnastic coach she loves teaching ribbon, rope, clubs and silk veil skills.

Instagram:  @twirllightzone

DENNIS POWER  (Margaret River, Western Australia)

    The Art of Performance

Dennis tried to run away with the circus when he was a young child. It was during this time that he was first introduced to the joys of fire dancing and hanging with clowns. Although he never did end up running away with the circus, he did continue to hang with clowns and hone his skills with fire performing. He's delighted to share his artform with you at this year's SpunOut Festival.

Instagram:  @flashpoint_firespinning

DORI BOND  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Creative Movement Practices

Dori likes spinning fire, dogs, pizza and a good tunes. SpunOut features at least 2 of these things, so that's why he's here. He also likes sharing creative practices that crossover into various aspects of life. So, that's also why he's here.

Also... pizza. Hopefully, there's pizza.

Instagram:  @_arkaana_

EMMA GARDINER  (Perth, Western Australia)

    German Wheel

Emma has been training on the wheel for around 15 years and has an IRV Level 1 coaching certificate. She has travelled to Valencia, Spain, to participate in an international training camp and trains with national and international trainers. Emma currently teaches privately and through the sports program at Carmel School. She also teaches classes at CirQuest Circus School and has done so for around 10 years.

Perth Wheel
Website:  Perth Wheel
Facebook:  German Wheel Perth
Instagram:  @perth_german_wheel

FIONA KRANZ  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Fire Fans
    Angel Wings

Dance has been a passion of Fiona’s since a very young age. Trained in Bollywood, Indian folk, jazz, and ballet, she has many years of performing experience. Fiona is a fire and LED performer, currently working for Perth’s best fire and LED entertainment companies, as well as being the director of Fyrebird Entertainment.

Fiona has performed interstate last year and produced a Fringe Show in Adelaide this year. Fiona is a Perth Fringe World performer, and has performed at countless festivals and shows throughout the state.

An international circus instructor, Fiona has taught for renowned flow festivals, such as Fire Drums (US) and Circulation (NZ), and teaches at the Flow Shed in Perth. Fiona enjoys teaching, working with the community, and passing on her knowledge onto others.

Fiona Fyrebird
Instagram:  @fiona_fyrebird
Website:  www.fionafyrebird.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Fiona.the.Fyrebird

GNOR  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Flint and Steel Fire Lighting
    Henna Making and Application

"I come to get my yearly dose of Jed.

I was introduced to poi decades ago, and then the community, and have been involved with SpunOut since its inception.

HANA PRIEST  (Perth, Western Australia)

    SpunOut Festival Director
    Site Manager
    Flaming Cat Herder

Known around town as “The Fire Queen”, Hana has her finger in all the fiery pies. A full-time, professional, performing artist of 20 years, she specialises in fire arts, but can also be found stilt walking, angle grinding, hula hooping, roller skating and running various workshops. Hana runs her own fire performance troupe, Dangerous Delights, creates large scale burning art installations, and is a fire and fire safety consultant for many events and festivals. Basically… if it’s on fire, she’s there!

Hana has been running SpunOut with Jed for the past 19 years and is always excited to bring the event to life for another year. If you catch her sitting down, be sure to give her a shoulder rub and a tasty beverage.

Instagram:  @hanapriestess
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/firegirlhana

Dangerous Delights: Fire and Entertainment
Instagram:  @dangerous_delights
Website:  www.dangerousdelights.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/dangerousdelightsentertainment

HUGH DITTRICH  (Perth, Western Australia)


Hugh is an award-nominated juggler and cardist, and has been a regular instructor and attendee at SpunOut for over half a decade. This year he's back again to teach, learn and - most importantly - set some things on fire.

JAMES BRYANT  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Ball Juggling
    Club Juggling

Here we see an example of The Juggler in it's natural habitat, identifiable in this case, by his distinctive plumage, as being of the "teacher" variety.

JARROD PENNELLS  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Whip Cracking
    Card Throwing

"If it's on fire, I'm all for it!"

JAXX THOMAS   (Perth, Western Australia)

    Hula Hoop
    Twin Hoops

Founder of Hoops & Dreams, Jaxx loves nothing more than to lose herself in a pile of hoops. With 9 years experience in hooping and many more years in dance and movement, she is sure to get your hips moving. Her passion lies in facilitating people to step out of their minds and into their bodies. She has spent the last few years concentrating on bringing joy to people through roving and fire entertainment.

Join Jaxx on her journey through hoopy goodness, find her wherever the biggest pile of hoops is.... or maybe just come to a workshop, say "hey" and find your hoop flow!

Hoops & Dreams
Instagram:  @hoops.n.dreams
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/hoopsndreamswa

Fire Faerie
Instagram:  @jaxx.firefaerie
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jaxx.firefaerie/

JED FOWLER  (Perth, Western Australia)

    SpunOut Festival Director
    Gas Bubbles
    Contact Staff
    Fire Safety

Jed has been fire spinning since 2002. What started as having some firey fun on a beach in Thailand quickly turned into a hunger to learn more about all the flow arts! Starting his time with tech poi, his primary attention soon shifted to contact staff, double contact staff, then dragonstaff. Over the last 20 years he has developed many innovative techniques across contact and dragonstaff that are now taught worldwide.

Jed has travelled the world learning, teaching and performing in countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, UK, New Zealand, USA and Canada, to name a few, with regular teaching and performing appearances in fire festivals Australia-wide. Jed started and continues to co-run SpunOut Fire and Circus Festival, and he currently operates MasterFlowArts.com as a place to put his various pursuits like making props, performing, and teaching at The Flow Shed.

Instagram:  @mr_jedly
Website:  www.masterflowarts.com

JETHRO HARDINGE  (Margaret River, Western Australia)

    Choreography and Musicality
    Partner Acro
    Single Staff

Jet is awesome!

Swing Zing
Website:  www.swingzing.com

KAI FROST  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Contact Juggling

Kai has been contact juggling for over 15 years, you really would think he'd be better at it now. Despite this, his workshops are generally, fun, approachable and good for all skill levels. Come learn how to make the pretty balls spin and get ready to embark on a career of hearing every "playing with your balls" joke people can think up.

KALI SAVILL  (Adelaide, South Australia)

    Dragon Staff
    Double Staff
    Fire Performance Safety

Kali Savill, who goes by the stage name Kraken Fire, is a highly respected fire manipulation artist based in Adelaide. She specialises in challenging apparatus such as Dragon Staff, Fire Fans, and Double Staves. Her exceptional skill, artistry, musicality, and captivating stage presence have earned her a prominent position in the entertainment industry, and she has performed at various shows and events throughout South Australia.

Kraken is also a producer of INFERNO, and has an extensive performance resume, having worked with multiple circus troupes and productions. Her talent has taken her to stages both interstate and internationally, and she has been practicing fire and flow arts for almost eight years. Kali's performances and teaching style are characterised by fierce and flirty techniques that empower the feminine form while promoting body positivity. Her workshops focus on stage presence, showmanship, and individual progression, utilising an array of techniques to ensure audience and student satisfaction.

Kraken Fire
Instagram:  @krakenfire

KANEDA Cruz  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Sword Flow

Kaneda was born with a sword in his hand and has spent a lifetime honing his craft. He is a martial artist, action and fight choreographer/trainer, performer, gamer, and movie enthusiast.

Rebel Empire Workshops
Instagram:  @kurenaiblade
Instagram:  @rebelempireworkshops

LOU MYERS (Northern Territory - Arnhem Land)

    Fan Choreography

Fire artist, photographer, teacher, outback adventurer... Lou is a woman of many talents. Learning, teaching, and performing circus and fire arts for almost two decades, she personifies "all the things!"

Instagram:  @loumisphere


    Acro Yoga

Mat is either setting things on fire or balancing a woman above his head... often it's often both at the same! With a love of partner acro, staff spinning, poi and fire eating, Mat's understated charm and talent is always a great addition to SpunOut festivities.

Instagram:  @the_acro_viking

SAMSON CLARK  (Hobart, Tasmania)

    Double Staff
    Dragon Staff
    Contact Staff

Hailing from a little known island in the south called 'Tasmania', Samson is a multi-disciplinary flowartist who has been facilitating jams, performing shows, building props and the southern community for the last 8 years. Bringing his high need for shenanigans, a rather large hat and all the smiles to SpunOut. Come suss a workshop or 3 and say g'day!

Fyrebird Flow Collective
Instagram:  @samsons_firearts
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/FyrebirdFlowCollective

SHELBY SINGLETON  (Perth, Western Australia)

    Contact Staff

Shelby is a local flow artist with a love for contact staff, and a pretty solid example of what is possible when a hippie spends 4 solid years with no real job, a dose of pyromania, and a passion (aka obsession) for jiving flaming poles around her body.

If you want a teacher whose keen to show anyone and everyone how to have as much fun flowing as she does, be sure to spend a moment picking her brain with your queries.

Fractal Flows
Instagram:  @fractalflows
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/fractalfireperformance/