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Jed Fowler by Haze Captures


If you'd like to teach a workshop at SpunOut 2019, you need to Submit a Workshop application.

Submissions OPEN - JULY 5th 2019

Submissions CLOSE - SEPTEMBER 15th 2019

You'll find all the information you need about teaching at SpunOut on the Submit a Workshop page.

Below are just some of the talented teachers we have lined up for you in 2019, with more being added as we get closer to the event.

MARNIE LANE (Brisbane, Queensland)

Double Staff Pathways, Contact Staff, Movement/Groundwork

Marnie is a contact staff purist, and has been practicing for 18 years. Her staffing style has been described as "unconventional", as she explores not only the many levels of human and stick movement, but new and unchartered pathways. 

Performance Group: Marnie Lane
Website: https://www.facebook.com/contactstaffer/

Marnie has been practicing yoga for the past 19 years, and teaching for the past 10. Marnie teaches and practices yoga with a keen focus on structural alignment and connection to the breath. You are taught to create an internal map of your body.

Performance Group: Yoga with Marnie
Website: www.yogawithmarnie.com

THOMAS ROBINSON (Darwin, Northern Territory)

Leviwand, Fire Eating

Thomas’s leviwand addiction began in 2017 when he stumbled across a stranger named "Fox" spinning. Since then Thomas has eaten, breathed and slept leviwand, finding his specialty in the magical and illusionary side of the prop. Now, two years on, you would be hard pressed to find a wander as dedicated to making the audience ask “how does he do that?!”. 

In need of a community to grow with, Thomas went on to co-create Darwin’s only fire community - Flow Art Darwin (FAD). Through the growth of FAD, Thomas has branched into teaching, prop making, and solo and troupe performances. This, combined with his need for a prop to spin when the string wears through his callouses, led to his second love of fire eating and more recently fire breathing.

Thomas’s technical knowledge of leviwand and fire eating, coupled with his experience leading a community, make his classes a learning experience not to be missed!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/FlowArtDarwin/

LOU MYERS  (APY Lands, South Australia)

Hooping, Fans

Lou was serendipitously gifted a set of pre-loved fire poi (back when you learned through glitchy gif files and forum based communication, on dial-up internet) half her lifetime ago. Continual learning has led her to pick up numerous props and random skills.

She has taught and performed flow arts, whilst also working on media teams in schools, festivals and flow gatherings across Australia and overseas. For the last 5 years, Lou has been living in the APY Lands and is working towards further engaging indigenous students in the fun of all things circus.

Lou strives to find the awesome in life, and would love to meet you!

Website: https://www.facebook.com/LouiseMyersPhotography/

CHAD BAKER (Adelaide, South Australia)

Staff Musicality and Geometry, Double Staff, Buugeng, Poi

Chad is a veteran multi-prop, electro swing, fire dancer and trainer from Dragon Mill in Adelaide.

With smooth moves, a cheeky smile and a "look mum no hands" vibe, as he dances around like a funky-disco-ninja-monkey, with a dragonstaff on his head and popping techy-orbital-back-bends-hip-thrusts for dayyyyyyyyyyzzzz.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/dragonmillfire/
Insta: Musicalfirewood

KACIE AUSTIN (Darwin, Northern Territory)

Fire Photography, Nightly Photoshoot, Posing 101

"I first picked up a camera because I was too afraid to pick up a prop. As it turns out, being behind the lens is where I find my flow. I've spent the past two years learning to perfect the art of catching a story in a photo, I'm looking forward to capturing yours!"

Performance Group: Flowpyre
Website: https://www.facebook.com/flowpyre/
Insta: flowpyre

ANDY SONDALINI (Shanghai, China)

Dragonstaff Flow, Flow for Growth

From Shanghai to Barcelona, Melbourne to London - Andy has been sharing the love and beauty of flow arts for the past three years. Recently, Andy has been refining her skills as a teacher and performer in China. Guiding the fire spinning community in Shanghai to grow in size, skills, and passion.

Her workshops focus on connecting with the prop and exploring flow with appreciation for the technical skill and expression.

JED FOWLER (Perth, Western Australia)

Jed has been fire spinning since 2002. What started as having some fiery fun on a beach in Thailand, quickly turned into a hunger to learn more about all the flow arts!

Starting his time with tech poi, his attention soon shifted to contact staff, double contact staff, then dragonstaff. Over the last 15 years, he has developed many innovative techniques across contact and dragonstaff, that are now taught worldwide. He has travelled the world learning, teaching and performing in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, UK, USA and Canada, to name a few, with regular teaching and performing appearances at fire festivals Australia-wide.

Jed started and continues to co-run SpunOut. He currently operates the "dragonstaffshare" YouTube channel, which is dedicated to sharing new ideas, theories and content relating to dragonstaff. He also researches specialist fire effects sold on TheFlowFX.com website.

Performance Group: Dangerous Delights
Website: www.theflowfx.com

SARAH FAE (Perth, Western Australia)

Acrobalance, Acro Yoga

Sarah Fae is a playful partner acrobat, passionate teacher, and dancer at heart. She loves anything that gets her flowing into motion, and sharing the fun with others.

Along with her dedicated practice of dance, acro yoga, and partner acrobatics, she dabbles in flow arts, circus aerials, rock climbing, martial arts, and the ever important 'flail-dance around the house like nobody is watching' (for real guys, this are important dance sessions). She can't wait to join the SpunOut crew again this year, to share her favourite things (acro, acro, and acro), and learn some amazing new things too!

Performance Group Name: Sarah Fae
Website: lifedance.com.au

FIONA KRANZ (Perth, Western Australia)

Veil Fans, Fan Choreography

Trained in Bollywood, Indian folk, Kathak, jazz, and ballet, Fiona has many years of performing experience. Passionate about dance, fire, and LED flow arts, she loves to spin her fans, hoop and poi. She has performed at Fringe World as a dancer and LED fan dancer, plus countless Indian festivals throughout the state.

Performance Group Name: Fiona Fyrebird
Website: https://www.fionafyrebird.com

JAXX (Perth, Western Australia)


Jaxx has had a keen mind for body movement since she was dancing as a child. Evolving through different styles she found her flow 5 years ago with hooping and never looked back. She loves nothing more than conjouring hypnotic states, shape-shifting realities and defying perception.

Recently Jaxx found a way to combine her passion for yoga, meditation and stillness with her love of movement and circus by birthing Hoops & Dreams.

Performance Group Name: Hoops & Dreams
Website: https://www.facebook.com/hoopsndreamswa/

BRADEN HART (Perth, Western Australia)

Unicycling, Nunchucks

Braden started doing circus activities in 2014, learnt to unicycle and other bits 'n' pieces of various props (staff, poi, juggling etc) before realising that he could use props and skills from martial arts as well. Which is when he started to get back into nunchucks and later pseudo fire weapons (sword, rope dart, counter balance club).

PHILBERT (PHILIP POCOCK) (Perth, Western Australia)

Body Popping Dance

I was born in New Zealand but grew up in the UK and now live in Perth.  Been dancing and body popping as long as I can remember. Have a passion to teach and pass on the things I enjoy though dance and movement.  I've been teaching workshops around the world for the pass 10 years and I'm looking forward to SpunOut.

Performance Group Name: Poppin Philbert
Instagram: philbert_acz

LARA (Margaret River, Western Australia)

Burlesque Pastie Making

Lara has been in the world of the arts her whole life, even being on the stage with her father (an international speaker) as a baby. Lara started fire spinning at the age of 12 at local music gigs and events, which then lead her into the world of circus where she now spends most of her time.

Lara got her qualifications in fitness over a decade ago, in order to pursue her love of dance, circus and pole fitness, and has added to the list of qualifications since. Over the last 15 years, Lara has trained and taught around the country and currently runs her own Pole Fitness Studio in Margaret River.

Performance Group Name: Rapture Arts
Website: https://www.facebook.com/RatpureArts/