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Jed Fowler by Haze Captures

Workshop applications for 2021 have now CLOSED.

Below are all the amazing teachers we have lined up for you in 2021. We're excited to bring you this stellar lineup from Perth and interstate, and we value the talent and passion each brings to their skills and teaching.


Axe Throwing

Come fling some steel! The three time axe throwing champion at Lumber Punks is here to show you how it's done.



"I started learning circus skills in 2014, I’ve picked up bits and pieces of various props and am still enjoying circus as a hobby."

BROOKE MIHALA (Brookestarflow)

Hula Hooping

Brookestarflow is a Perth based flow artist who specialises in hula hoop performance. She has been performing for over 4 years entertaining at a range of events and performs regularly with All The Lights. She loves watching people connect, explore and create their own special magic and flow with hula hoops. Get ready to smile when you find your flow at SpunOut 2021.

Instagram:  @brookestarflow

South Australia

Dragonstaff, Double Staff

The hip-thrusting-disco-dancing-super-styling-dance-floor-dynamo that is Chad, is jetting in from Adelaide to show you how it's done. He's here to teach you how to spin some sticks, but more importantly... how to get your dancefloor kicks!

Instagram:  @mister_firewood


Fire Eating

A fire eater of 5 years and a sorry excuse for a magician.

Instagram:  @damonputsfireinhisface

FIONA KRANZ (Fiona Fyrebird)

Silk Fan Veils, Fire Fans, Rope Dart

Trained in Bollywood, Indian Folk, Kathak, Jazz, and Ballet, Fiona has many years of performance experience. Fiona is a fire and LED performer, and has performed with All The Lights, and Dangerous Delights. She has performed at Fringe World for the last few years, plus countless Indian festivals throughout the state. Fiona has taught at Fire Drums Online (US) and is a member of the Seattle Flow Collective.

Instagram:  @fiona_fyrebird
Website:  www.fionafyrebird.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/Fiona.the.Fyrebird
YouTube Tutorials:  www.youtube.com/user/fejkranz


Henna Making, Flint Steel Fire Lighting

Gnor only comes to SpunOut to see Jed take his shirt off. She's been coming to SpunOut forever and can generally be found either teaching beginners with the patience of a saint, or cooking up some mischief in the kitchen with the rest of the witchie coven.

Don't miss her workshop on flint and steel fire lighting... you'll never need a match or lighter again!


SpunOut Festival Director, Site Manager, Flaming Cat Herder

Hana is the one that keeps this festival ticking over year after year. What started as a weekend away with friends, has grown to be the longest running fire arts festival in the world... 17 years and she still can't seem to let it go!

Hana is normally supervised by her SpunOut Co-director Jed, because someone needs to be there to tell her when to stop talking.

Make sure she gets her wine and shirtless men for a smooth weekend of learning and fun time shenanigans.

Instagram:  @dangerous_delights
Website:  www.dangerousdelights.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/dangerousdelightsentertainment


Cardistry, Puppyhammer, Partner Juggling

Hugh has juggled and card flourished his was across Australasia, and has been a regular instructor and attendee at SpunOut for the last half decade. This year he's back again to teach, learn and - most importantly - set some things on fire.


Juggling, Partner Juggling

James juggles a bit and rocks up to SpunOut - apparently that's all it takes to teach the workshop nowadays.


Whip Cracking

"Hey all, been awhile since I was last at SpunOut! Very excited for this year. Let's all have a blast!"

JAXX THOMAS (The Fire Faerie)

Hula Hoop, Twin Hoops, Movement and Mindfulness

Floating afar from the forest, Jaxx spins only stories faery folk know. With 6 years experience in hooping and many more years in dance & movement, she is sure to get your hips moving. Find her where ever the biggest pile of hoops is.... or maybe just come to a workshop, say hey and learn to move those hips!

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/hoopsndreamswa
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jaxx.firefaerie

JJ SWAN (Galaxy Jaxsyn)

Movement, Twerking

With more energy than most 6 year olds and an air of confidence to rival Narcissus himself, it's only natural for JJ to make her debut as a workshop teacher this year. After just a year swanning around bars and clubs in very little, she's learnt quite a lot, and is ready to teach you what she knows!

Instagram:  @galaxyjaxsyn


Bubbles, Contact Staff, Fire Safety, Dragonstaff, Partner Dragonstaff

Jed has been fire spinning since 2002. What started as having some firey fun on a beach in Thailand quickly turned into a hunger to learn more about all the flow arts!

Starting his time with tech poi, his attention soon shifted to contact staff, double contact staff then dragonstaff. Over the last 16 years he has developed many innovative techniques across contact and dragon staff that are now taught worldwide. He has travelled the world learning, teaching and performing in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, UK, New Zealand, USA and Canada, to name a few, with regular teaching and performing appearances in fire festivals Australia-wide.

Jed started and continues to co-run Spunout Festival in Perth, Australia; a fire festival that has been running for 16 years. He currently operates MasterFlowArts.com as a place to put his various pursuits, the dragonstaffshare youtube channel, which is dedicated to sharing new ideas, theories and content relating to dragonstaff. He also researches specialist fire effects sold on TheFlowFX.com website.

Instagram:  @mr_jedly
Website:  www.masterflowarts.com
Website:  www.theflowfx.com
Dragonstaff Youtube:  dragonstaffshare
Contact Staff Youtube:  Mr Jedly



"I have been coming to SpunOut for years now. I am a gymnastics coach and love doing creative things!"

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/JazCanArt

Northern Territory

Fire Photography

In true Darwin style, Kacie lives a dual existence moonlighting under the moniker Flowpyre. Originally picking up photography as a way to be involved in flow without having to learn a prop, Kacie is now one of Australia's few specialist fire photographers. Always looking for the next story to tell, Kacie spends her spare time creating and capturing in Australia's Top End.

Instagram:  @flowpyre
Website:  www.flowpyre.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/flowpyre


Coin Magic and Manipulation, Contact Juggling

Kai has been in the circus arts scene for over 20 years and enjoys teaching and learning new things. He has recently gotten into coin magic and manipulation and wants to share the art with other keen people.

KALI SAVILL (The Kraken)
(South Australia)

Dragonstaff, Fans

Performing under her stage moniker of The Kraken, Kali Savill is one of Adelaide’s most prominent performers of fire manipulation arts. Obtaining mastery of challenging apparatus such as the Dragon Staff, Fire Fans, Poi and Double Staves, Kali has become renowned at shows and events throughout South Australia for her skill, artistry, musicality, and captivating stage presence.

Kali has an extensive performance resume and has worked with multiple circus troupes. She is the resident fire performer at Nineteen Ten Burlesque and Jazz Club, an instructor at Australia's School of Fire Arts - Dragon Mill as well as teaching flow arts for South Coast Circus. She has graced interstate and international stages and has been practicing fire and flow arts for six years. Kali's performances and teaching style often include burlesque techniques to empower the feminine form while encouraging body positivity. Kali focuses on stage presence as well as individual progression in workshops and uses and array of techniques to ensure her audience and student satisfaction.

Instagram:  @krakenfire


Makeup, Guyliner, Performance Makeup

"My first SpunOut was in 2007 and I fell in love with everything to do with fire and have been coming back nearly every year since. In 2010 I completed my Diploma in Specialist Make-Up Services and also started performing. Make-up and photography are my passion and I've also competed in a few body painting competitions.

This year will be my first year teaching at SpunOut. I've decided to create some Performance Makeup workshops and to give you some of my tips on making your make-up stay put, as well as how to come up with a unique make-up design. There will also be make-up for the boys with "Guyliner 101" and I'll be selling some brush sets so you can create your own looks at home."

Instagram:  @kymystique.creative
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/KymystiqueCreative


Burlesque Pastie Making, Pole Dance

Lara has been in the world of the arts her whole life, even being on the stage with her father (an international speaker) as a baby. Lara started fire spinning at the age of 12 at local music gigs and events, which then lead her into the world of circus where she now spends most of her time.

Instagram:  @rapturearts



"I've been performing for 9 years, focussing on juggling diabolo and cyr wheel. Starting my circus life at Canning Vale College, my love for performance grew and WA circus schools such as Cirquest, Circus WA, Ashton Academy, and the Circus Centre have helped me grow my skills and teaching abilities over the past few years."

Instagram:  @rotation_circus
Instagram:  @leighton_circus_arts

South Australia

Fan Choreography

Fire artist, photographer, teacher, outback adventurer... Lou is a woman of many talents. She also has the best cat ever with an Insta account well worth following.

Instagram:  @kartika_bengal


Partner Poi

Mat is either setting things on fire or balancing a woman above his head... these days it's often both at the same! With a love of partner acro, staff spinning, poi and fire eating, Mat's understated charm and talent is always a great addition to SpunOut festivities.

Instagram:  @the_acro_viking

ROB (Slack Rob)
South Australia

Slack Lining, Staff, Rope Dart

Rob is a man with a curious distrust of bridges. To cope with his affliction, he has taught himself to walk rather well on thin bits of strapping over canyons and other such places that normally require bridges. He has been doing this for so long he’s become rather good at it. He calls it “Slack Lining” to attempt to legitimise it as a real activity.

If you too have an irrational distrust in modern bridge engineering and like to get from A to B in an unnecessarily complicated way, then Rob is here to teach you how it’s done. (Apparently, he does rope dart and staff too… but we suspect this is just to get into the flow arts community where his “Slack Lining” is met with appreciation rather than the contempt it deserves.)

Instagram:  @oxidation_nation


Acro Yoga, Bellydance, Partner Acrobatics

Sarah has a life-long passion for all things involving movement, balance, fun, and flow - from figure ice skating, to dancing, martial arts, pilates, yoga, rock climbing, and circus arts. Her latest obsession of 6 years running is partner acrobatics! Her passion for movement is only matched by her passion for sharing this joy with others.

Instagram:  @sarahfae_lifedance_movement
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/LifeDanceAcroYoga/

SARAH HEALY (Saskia Twist)

Clowning, Partner Poi, Circus Body Wake Up

Sarah has travelled in the circus realm for over a decade and loves to learn and teach many of its varied disciplines. Fire is her favourite as well as clowning and acrobatics.

Instagram:  @sarah_spirals_


Staff, Contact Staff, Stilt Walking

Drawn into Murdoch Uni’s Circus Club by the promise of lighting things on fire and not getting yelled at, Seth joins the instructor roster to help beginners enjoy their introduction to SpunOut as much as he did last year.


Poi, Dragonstaff

"I'm the guy you've probably met at Hyde park on Tuesdays. I've been a part of the community since 2013 and always keen to help out and teach those that want to learn."

SOPHIE DENNIS (Spinderella)

Double Hoop, Hoop Dance

Sophie, known as Spinderella, loves all things dance but hooping is definitely her number one. She has been part of Fringe for the last 3 years, has a Guinness World Record for spinning multiple hoops and runs All The Lights entertainment.

The passion lies within dance, music and hooping - creating choreography, exploring ideas and teaching others.

Instagram:  @entertainmentperth
Website:  www.allthelights.com.au
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/allthelightswa/

(Northern Territory)

Short String Leviwand, Long String Leviwand

Thom is the handsome, mustached, muse of Kacie at Flowpyre. She forces him to eat fire endlessly for her photographic pleasure. When Thom isn’t eating fire, he’s busy being a short- and long-string leviwand master with a penchant for dragon staff. He does other stuff too, but no one really knows what it is… something about helicopters and videography. He's so talented we can't keep up.

Instagram:  @thomasrobinsonfire



"I love poi!"