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Event Opens: 5pm, Friday 11th October
Event Closes: 12noon, Monday 14th October

Camp Leschenaultia
400 Leschenaultia Place, Chidlow, Western Australia

Camp Leschenaultia is located just 45 minutes drive east of Perth CBD, in the Shire of Mundaring, near the township of Chidlow. The camp is set in 9 acres of tranquil, natural bushland, adjacent to state forest and only 500m from Lake Leschenaultia.

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The only way to get to the camp is by car. If you don't have a car we suggest that you car pool with friends. You will need to organise this yourself.

We will attempt to organise car pooling for any interstate or overseas visitors only. If this is you, please let us know as soon as possible that you will be coming, so that we have time to organise this. Please contact info@spunoutfestival.com.au


There are 3 choices for accommodation at SpunOut - dorm, tent or camper/vehicle. The SpunOut ticket price is the same for all.

There are 4 large dormitories, with bunk beds, on site which sleep 16 to 22 people each. There is a family dorm, couples/mixed dorm, male dorm and female dorm. No bedding is provided so you must bring your own. You will need to bring your own mattress cover/sheet, sleeping bag or blanket, and pillow.

Alternatively, you can pitch a tent and camp. The grounds around the SpunOut site are grassy and shady with plenty of room for camping.

If you have a camper van or some type of liveable vehicle you prefer to sleep in, then you may do that also. There are no powered sites.

Please note that the dorm rooms can be quite noisey has they are attached to the main hall. If you plan to sleep in a dorm, we suggest you bring ear plugs. Camping or sleeping in a camper are the quiter options.


SpunOut 2019 Menu <-- Click here to see the menu

Your ticket includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on the days you are attending the festival. Tea, coffee, cordial and fruit will also be available all day on a self-serve basis.

Meal times are as follows:
Breakfast 8 - 9am
Lunch 1 - 2pm
Dinner 6 - 7pm

All meals will be prepared by our own chefs and will include a vegetarian option. Please let us know if you are vegetarian when you register.

Each meal has a range of options so that everyone's tastes can be accommodated. However, if you have special dietary requirements (e.g. gluten free, vegan, lactose free etc), we request you bring your own special food where necessary (there is no ticket discount for this). There is a large kitchen and a fridge you can use for storage and preparation of your meals.

If you require snacks between meals, please bring these yourself. There will be one communal fridge on site for storing your food and drinks. The fridge, however, is limited in space, so we suggest you bring only what you really need. If you have a lot of stuff, please bring an esky.

All water at the camp is rain water and is safe to drink. However, if you don't wish to drink rain water, then please bring your own.


Workshops are run over 2 full days; Saturday and Sunday.

Workshop times are:
- Saturday 9am - 6pm (Fire Show 8:30-9:30pm)
- Sunday 9am - 4pm (Circus Olympics 4 - 6pm, Renegade 8pm onward)

Over the course of the weekend, there will be workshops in: If you would like to get involved and teach some workshops, you can Submit a Workshop proposal.


Aside from the workshops, every day you will be able to participate in the following activities whenever you like...

ChillOut Space
This is a space where you can go and relax at any time of the day. The space is filled with cushions and rugs for you to laze on and activities here include henna, hair wraps and massage. It's also a great place to get to know your fellow SpunOuters.

The Lake
As we are only 500m from the freshwater lake, Lake Leschenaultia. You are free to go swimming any time of the day. Water fights, sunbaking and general frolicking are also available. Don’t forget your bathers and towel!

The township of Chidlow is only 5 minutes down the road by car. Here you can find a general store and bottle shop where you can buy essential items you may need or have forgotten to bring with you. Approximately 15 minutes away by car, is the township of Mundaring, which has all the shops you might need.


Toilets and Showers
There are male and female toilets and showers on site, inside the main building.

Parking will be available within the camp’s grounds for the vehicles of all patrons. You are also able to park next to your tent.

First Aid
There will be several qualified First Aid officers on site at all times, a medical kit for treating burns will be available, as well as basic first aid materials. We recommend you bring your own headache tablets, bandaids and other commonly needed pharmaceuticals, as these will not be made generally available.

Telephones & Wifi
There are no land lines or wifi at Camp Leschenaultia. Reception for all mobile phone networks is available throughout the event site. If at any time you need to recharge your phone, power connections are available in the hall for you to do this. However, you will need to bring your own cables and ensure the safety of your phone, as the hall is open to all camp patrons.

Lost and Found
For lost or found items please see any of the SpunOut staff members during the camp or you can email us after the event at info@play-learn-burn.com.


Children of all ages are welcome to attend SpunOut (although it is not a children's event, as all workshops are aimed at adults). However, it is important that they are supervised at all times by their parents/guardians. There are many hazards on the SpunOut site which could pose a risk to young children. These include; electrical cables, fire fuel and fire/circus equipment. We will endeavour to ensure your child's safety as best we can, however, ultimately they are your responsibility.


The following event rules have been set out so as to ensure a safe and hassle free weekend for both the organisers and patrons of SpunOut. By purchasing a ticket to SpunOut, you indicate that you have read, understood and will abide by these rules throughout your stay at the event.
  1. You must use common sense at all times.
  2. You must follow any reasonable directions given to you by SpunOut staff.
  3. You must use only the fire fuel provided by the SpunOut organisers. If you wish to use your own fuel, you must seek the permission of the SpunOut event manager first.
  4. If you wish to spin with fire, you must wear clothing that is safe to do so.
  5. Before using lit fire equipment, you must ensure all safety measures are in place, including; a fire blanket, fire extinguisher and wet towel, as well as ensuring you have someone acting as your fire safety person. Safety equipment is provided.
  6. No person will be allowed to participate in fire activities if they appear to be under the influence of alcohol and/or are acting in a manner which is dangerous to themselves or others.
  7. All areas are designated as a cigarette smoke free zone (this is a rule set by the camp owners). Smokers may smoke outside the event site entry.
  8. Drugs are banned from the camp site and anyone found to be in possession of, or under the influence of drugs, will be ejected from the event without refund of their ticket, at the event managers discretion.
  9. All camp participants are expected to take reasonable measures for their own safety and the safety of others throughout the duration of the camp.
  10. If you spot anything that may endanger your safety or that of others, we ask that you report it to the SpunOut event manager as soon as possible.
  11. All under 16s must be supervised by an adult or will not be able to attend the event. If you are 16 or 17, please contact us to discuss your attendance.
  12. If you are instructed at any time to do anything by the camp owners/caretakers, you must do so immediately.
  13. Water is a precious resource at Camp Leschenaultia, with a limited supply in the rainwater tanks. Please conserve water by using showers and taps to a minimum.
  14. Campers are not permitted to bring animals or pets onto the property, or to disturb the natural environment (e.g. damage trees).
  15. Music throughout the weekend is provided by our own djs. We ask that you do not play your own music at high volume.


We recommend you bring the following with you to make your stay more enjoyable: