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Event Opens: 5pm, Friday 4th October, 2024
Event Closes: 12noon, Monday 7th October, 2024

Point Peron Camp
Point Peron Road, Peron (Rockingham)

Point Peron Camp is located just 45 minutes drive south of Perth CBD, near the City of Rockingham. It is situated in the spectacular Shoalwater Marine Park and boasts direct beach access.

The only way to get to the camp is by car. If you don't have a car we suggest that you car pool with friends. It is possible to train/bus to Rockingham and have a friend pick you up from there and bring you to site. You will need to organise this yourself.

We will attempt to organise car pooling for interstate or overseas visitors only. If this is you, please let us know as soon as possible that you will be coming, so that we have time to organise this. Please contact info@spunoutfestival.com.au

There are 2 choices for accommodation at SpunOut - dorm or camping. The SpunOut ticket price is the same for both.

There are 6 large dormitories on site. Each dorm sleeps either 20 or 32 people. Each dorm has its own shower and toilet facilities. There's a family dorm (for kids and their carers), mixed gender dorm, male dorm and female dorm. All dorms have bunk beds with a mattress, fitted sheet, pillow and pillowcase provided. You must bring your own blanket or sleeping bag. Dorm beds are not allocated. You choose your dorm on arrival.

Camping is available on the oval. You may bring a tent, swag, campervan or camper trailer. Due to limited space we cannot have caravans.

Please note, there is no power to any of the camp sites.

Your ticket includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on the days you are attending the festival. Tea, coffee (instant), cordial and fruit will also be available all day on a self-serve basis.

Meal times are as follows:
Breakfast 8 - 9am
Lunch 1 - 2pm
Dinner 6 - 7pm

All meals will be prepared by our own chefs and will include a vegetarian and vegan option (which is also dairy and gluten free). Please let us know your dietary requirements when you purchase your ticket, so that we can allocate correct quantities.

Each meal has a range of options so that everyone's tastes and needs can be accommodated. However, if you have extra special dietary requirements and need to prepare your own food, please contact us.

If you require snacks between meals, please bring these with you e.g. chips, chocolate etc.

The event is BYO alcohol and any other drinks you might fancy. Please bring an esky to keep these cold, you will not have access to a fridge. There are several large stores within 5 minutes drive of the camp where you can purchase ice if needed.

All water at the camp is safe to drink and tastes fine, so no need to BYO water.

dilly bag Dilly Bag
We need you to bring a dilly bag to SpunOut. This is a bag of some kind (a pillowcase will do) that has your cup, plate, bowl, knife, spoon, fork and a tea towel in it. This ensures you'll have the means to eat the yummy food that's provided, without having to pile it into your hands and eat it with your fingers.

You can make a dilly bag out of the things you already have at home, or buy one from a camping store.

We do not have the capacity to loan you the above items if you forget. If you forget to bring them, you will need to either borrow from other campers or drive to the shops and buy them.

Workshops are run over 2 full days; Saturday and Sunday. There are also some workshops on Friday evening after dinner.

Workshop times are:
- Friday 7-10pm
- Saturday 8am-6pm (Fire Show 8-9pm)
- Sunday 8am-4pm (Circus Olympics 4-6pm, Renegade 8pm onward)

Over the course of the weekend, there will be workshops in:

What are they, what's the difference and how to get involved?

Fire Jam
We have a Fire Jam on both Friday and Saturday night. A Fire Jam is an informal fire spinning session where you can spin any fire prop. Friday night is open to experienced fire spinners only, meaning you're welcome to spin fire if you've done it before and feel confident in what you're doing. Saturday night is open to all and we have a separate area for those using fire for the first time, so you can light up safely and with confidence.

Fire Show

The Saturday night Fire Show is a showcase of some of our best performers and their talents. The show is organised before the event with performers selected by the SpunOut organisers. The show generally runs for about an hour, with a Fire Jam afterward. If you're not in the show, grab some drinks, snacks, a camp chair and prepare to be wowed.

The Renegade is not to be missed! It's a rolling show where YOU, yes YOU are the star! Anyone can perform anything in the Renegade. Really... anything! The stage is yours!

Whether you have actual talent in the form singing, dancing, magic, circus tricks or fire acts... OR you have questionable talent and want to burp the alphabet while drinking a can of lemonade... we're open to it all!

We encourage EVERYONE coming to SpunOut to come with a Renegade act (solo, duo or group). Bring your costume (if it needs one), bring your music (or you'll get something random from the dj) and bring any props you need. On the night you simply make your way to the stage as you're ready to perform. All performers will be rewarded with treats from the Renegade Bar.

The Renegade will have family friendly acts from 8-10pm. After 10pm acts may contain adult content and may not be suitable for viewing by children.

There's no olympics like the SpunOut Circus Olympics!

The Olympics take place on Sunday afternoon from 4-6pm and EVERYONE participates. We have a variety of Olympic events that anyone can join in no matter what your skill level. Points are scored in each event for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and the overall winner is decided via the points system at the end of all the events. The winner and runner up get an awesome trophy, and the adoration of their peers.

Each year at SpunOut we run a raffle to fundraise for our community to assist in the purchase of the things we need for SpunOut and other activities throughout the year. This may include the purchase of communal practise props, structures, sound and lighting equipment, first aid materials and other bits and bobs.

All raffle items are donated by our Sponsors. These are amazing people and small businesses making quality fire and circus equipment that want to help support the flow arts and circus community. Please support them in return by visiting their websites and choosing to buy your equipment from them. All our sponsors and links to their websites are on our Sponsors page.

Raffle tickets can be purchased at SpunOut from the Registration Desk. Tickets are $5 for 1 and $10 for 3. The raffle will be drawn on Sunday during the Renegade.

Aside from attending the workshops and performances, you can also go to the beach or pop out the shops in Rockingham whenever you like.

The Beach
Point Peron Camp is situated right on the beach. We have direct beach access from the camp ground, meaning you can go swimming any time. Water fights, sunbaking and general frolicking are also available. Don’t forget your bathers, towel, sunscreen, sunnies and hat.

We are located only 6 minutes by car from the Rockingham Foreshore with an array of eateries and shops on offer. In Rockingham you can find anything that you may have forgotten to bring with you, or pop in over the weekend to replenish your supplies.

Toilets and Showers
Each of the 6 dormitories on site has 3 toilets and 2 showers. There is an additional block of toilets on the oval, including disabled access.

Please note that all event attendees have access to the toilets and showers in both the dorms and on the oval. Campers will need to shower at the dorms, as there are no showers on the oval.

Parking will be available within the camp’s grounds for the vehicles of all full festival patrons. If you are staying in the dorms, you will temporarily park to unload your things and then move your vehicle to the dorm parking area.

If you are camping, you may drive your vehicle onto the oval and park next to your tent.

Those coming on day passes, will need to park along the road, just outside the camp's grounds.

First Aid
There will be several qualified First Aid officers on site at all times, as well as a doctor. There will be a medical kit for treating burns, as well as basic first aid materials. Please bring your own headache tablets, band aids and other commonly needed pharmaceuticals, as these will not be made generally available. The medical staff are there for managing medical issues you cannot treat/manage yourself.

Phones & Wifi
There is no wifi at the festival site, however, reception for all mobile phone networks is available throughout. If at any time you need to recharge your phone, limited power points are available in the dining hall and undercover area. However, you will need to bring your own cables and ensure the safety of your phone. We recommend bringing an external battery to charge your phone.

Lost and Found
There will be a lost and found box in the Registration Desk area. You can look for items there during the event. Valuable items found will be held by the SpunOut organisers for safe keeping. Please check the lost and found before leaving site as you may have lost something without realising. After the event, we will hold lost items for 4 weeks only. You can email us at info@spunoutfestival.com.au to arrange pickup.

Children of all ages are welcome to attend SpunOut (although it is not a children's event, as all workshops are aimed at adult level coordination).

It is important that children are supervised at all times by their parents/guardians. There are hazards on the SpunOut site which could pose a risk to young children. These include; electrical cables, fire fuel, fire/circus equipment and water/beach access. We will endeavour to ensure your child's safety as best we can, however, ultimately they are your responsibility.

The following event rules have been set out so as to ensure a safe and hassle free festival for both the organisers and patrons of SpunOut. By purchasing a ticket to SpunOut, you indicate that you have read, understood and will abide by these rules throughout your stay at the event. (They are also included with your ticket T&Cs.)
  1. You must use common sense at all times.
  2. You must follow any reasonable directions given to you by SpunOut staff.
  3. You must use only the fire fuel provided by the SpunOut organisers (Recosol G and Shellite). If you wish to use your own fuel, you must seek the permission of the SpunOut Event Manager first.
  4. If you wish to spin with fire, you must wear clothing that is safe to do so.
  5. Before using lit fire equipment, you must ensure all safety measures are in place, including; a fire blanket, fire extinguisher and damp cotton towel, as well as ensuring you have a dedicated and trained fire safety person. Safety equipment is provided.
  6. No person will be allowed to participate in fire activities if they appear to be under the influence of alcohol and/or are acting in a manner which is dangerous to themselves or others.
  7. All areas are designated as a cigarette smoke free zone (this is a rule set by the camp owners). Smokers may smoke outside the event site entry.
  8. Drugs are banned from the camp site and anyone found to be in possession of, or under the influence of drugs, will be ejected from the event without refund of their ticket, at the Event Manager's discretion.
  9. All camp participants are expected to take reasonable measures for their own safety and the safety of others throughout the duration of the camp.
  10. If you spot anything that may endanger your safety or that of others, we ask that you report it to the SpunOut Event Manager as soon as possible.
  11. All under 18s must be supervised by a parent or guardian.
  12. If you are instructed at any time to do anything by the camp caretaker, you must do so immediately.
  13. Please conserve water by using showers and taps to a minimum.
  14. Campers are not permitted to bring any animals or pets onto the property, or to disturb the natural environment (e.g. damage trees).
  15. Music throughout the weekend is provided by our own djs. We ask that you do not play your own music at high volume.

We recommend you bring the following with you to make your stay more enjoyable: